Improve your Photography Workshop

T2018 Workshop A4his takes place at the Phoenix Room, Lymington Community Centre on Saturday 25th August 2018 11.00am – 1.00pm. Everyone is welcome and there is no need to book. Just turn up.

If you have any questions about your existing camera do bring it as we will have club members on hand to help you.

The morning is free of charge







We will cover the following

Choosing a camera and basic controls                                                             

–       Types of camera (phone, compact, bridge camera or DSLR)

–       Controls: Focus, zoom, screen,

–       I’m going on a big holiday and want a better camera. Which one is right for me?

Finding the right light                                                                                      

–       Time of day – Midday, Sunset and Sunrise, golden hour/blue hour etc

–       Exposure. Automatic, A,S & M

–       Shooting in low light

Coffee break with a ‘Can you help me with my camera problem’ session

Composition (pitfalls to avoid)                                                                         

–       Common mistakes

–       Thinking about the subject of your image

–       Rule of thirds

–       Level horizons

–       Getting close enough

Cropping, printing and sharing online                                                           

–       Using free and paid for software to improve your image

–       Printing at home, online or in the High Street

About the Club                                                                                                                                

–       What we do

–       Competitions

–       Talks

–       Summer walks

–       Training